Ecotun Company was founded in 2016. And in the early stages of its activity it was engaged in the production of building materials for the new generation. After some time studying the requirements of the Armenian market in this field and taking into account the requirements of the time, the company expanded its activities and introduced a new branch of construction in the Armenian market- green architecture. In 2016, the company began building ecohouses. Within a short period, ecohouses became widespread in the community, and there was already a demand for multi-dwelling ecosystems. Meeting the public demand, the company began the construction of multi-apartment ecohouses, creating high-tech buildings. Currently Ecotun is engaged in real estate development and is the founder of the recently recognized eco-construction industry in Armenia. Eco-construction in Armenia is still in its infancy, but with the development of high technology, it is gradually increasing, and with the ware of time, traditional construction is beginning to give its place to eco-construction. Many families have been enjoying energy-efficient and comfortable homes for many years. We are working on expanding the construction of energy-efficient houses. Ecotun's goal is to create ecologically clean neighborhoods, build more energy-efficient buildings, and engage the general public in this process by creating a more prosperous country.

"Annual Investment Forum"   Abu Dhabi 2023

“Ecotun” company, in cooperation with “Enterprise Armenia” Foundation, took part in the "Annual Investment Meeting" held in Abu Dhabi, UAE capital, on May 8-10, 2023. More than 10000 participants from about 170 countries of the world took part in the meeting. During the exhibition the "Ecotun" company held a series of meetings with representatives of construction investment organizations from different countries. Further mutually beneficial cooperation agreements were reached. It should also be noted that “Enterprise Armenia” Foundation was awarded as the agency with the best investment programs in the region (Central Asia, Caucasus and RF) in the framework of the "Annual Investment Meeting" held in Abu Dhabi, UAE capital.