Green architecture (also eco-house) is a type of building construction and operation that has minimal impact on the environment. It is developed by the joint efforts of a number of experts over the years; it is a type of building which replaces the traditional architecture, developed in parallel with the development of technology, starting from the end of the last century. Although the technologies of green building are constantly being improved, the main goal of the idea is to reduce the impact of construction on the environment and human health, which is achieved due to the efficient use of energy, water and other resources, protecting the health of residents and increasing the efficiency of workers, reducing waste, emissions and other environmental impacts. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, the eco-building acquires a number of positive features: it is being built faster, utility costs and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, and it is more seismically stable. Green architecture has appeared taking into account the requirements of the society.

“Ecotun’s” new project is a multi-apartment complex of eco-houses of the latest generation, developed taking into account seismic standards and at the same time unprecedented architectural and design solutions. The eco-building consists of external heat-insulated walls, and the inner seismic-resistant construction is a monolithic reinforced concrete consisting of timbers and pillars. The eco-building is completely covered by hardened solar panels. Inner-floor coating is a monolithic reinforced concrete mass. The buildings will use the best quality energy-efficient technologies in heating, cooling, ventilation and water supply. The houses’ heating and cooling system provides highly efficient (up to 4 SCOP) heat pumps hidden in the exterior walls of the building. The building is insulated. To minimize heat loss in the building, it will be completely surrounded by thick and heat-insulating layers from outside (between the walls there is a thin layer of fiber, non-flammable, basalt cotton). And sound insulation is promoted by high-quality, infrared and buffer windows, which also contribute to energy-efficiency.

  • The courtyards of the complex will have green paths, swimming pools and dry fountains with lighting effects.
  • Each eco building will generate electricity up to 1,800,000 kWh or up to 80,000,000 AMD per year for its own needs.
  • The buildings are designed with strict seismic, architectural and safety standards.
  • All buildings have 2 safest elevators on the market, small and large, which are energy-efficient and recuperative.
  • They are provided with backup water and electricity, in a word the building has a high degree of autonomy.
  • Thanks to a non-flammable, environmentally friendly heat-insulating film, the entire building is energy-efficient. Heat losses due to thermal insulation are minimized.
  • The buildings have security and fire extinguishing systems.
  • It is equipped with high quality heating and cooling systems.
  • Thanks to the eco-friendly design and features of the project, all apartments are sunny.
  • The top floor and the roof of the building are connected and divided into a two floored 5-6 roomed penthouses ranging from 255 to 308 square meters.
  • The apartments have the opportunity to use solar energy. Free solar electricity will be distributed to apartments according to surface equivalence.
  • The opportunity of choosing the materials for interior design in apartments.
  • The design of the building is distinguished by its color and lighting effects.



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